Who are we?

The IMPULSE research team, coordinated by Marie Viprey, is composed of about ten members, including epidemiologists, statisticians, and data analysts. All team members have expertise in epidemiology of health products and statistical methodology for the analysis of medical-administrative data.

The IMPULSE team ("Impact of new healthcare organizations, public policies, and communications on the use of health products") was awarded a grant by EPI-PHARE (a Scientific interest group formed by ANSM and CNAM) to fund a "Future Team" in pharmaco-epidemiology for 4 years. The team has been active since January 2022 as part of the U1290 RESHAPE (RESearch on HealthcAre PErformance) public health research unit, and is under the supervision of INSERM and Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, in partnership with the Health Data Service of the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Their work aims to study the impact of the following three types of actions on the real-world use of health products: decisions/recommendations for care from health authorities or scholarly societies; communication about health products from authorities, health professionals, manufacturers, or patients relayed by the media; and the implementation of new healthcare organizations.

This team acts as a strategic partner of EPI-PHARE (ANSM-CNAM) to provide health authorities with cross-disciplinary expertise in the epidemiology of health products (drugs, biological products, medical devices, and vaccines reimbursed by health insurance), by studying the impact of varied actions, institutional or otherwise, on the use of health products, regardless of the clinical theme, and considering different levels of analysis (patient, health professional, and population). The studies are conducted using SNDS data to address priority public health issues identified in agreement with EPI-PHARE.

Team members


Marie Viprey

Marie Viprey

Marie Viprey is a pharmacist and holds a PhD in epidemiology and public health. She is a public health teacher at the Faculty of Medicine Lyon Est, deputy head of the health data department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon, and is in charge of the "Data warehouse" platform of the Public Health Laboratory UCBL/INSERM U1290 RESHAPE. She has developed expertise in the analysis of large available databases, particularly the SNDS, to study the use of health products, medication adherence and care pathways, diagnostic and therapeutic management, and to identify individual and organizational determinants of professional-patient interactions.

Anaïs Havet

Anaïs Havet

Anaïs Havet is a pharmacist, with a PhD in epidemiology and public health. After more than 2 years of experience within a consulting firm in managing studies conducted using the national SNDS databases, she joined the IMPULSE team as a pharmaco-epidemiologist.

Data analysts

Violaine Fernandez​

Violaine Fernandez

Violaine Fernandez is a data analyst within the health data department of Hospices Civils de Lyon. She primarily works on data extraction from the national databases of SNDS for research studies on the epidemiology of health products.

Aurelie Moskal

Aurélie Moskal is a Research Engineer. She holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health (2009) and a master's degree in Biostatistics. After 12 years of experience in cancer epidemiology at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO), she joined the IMPULSE team as a data analyst, utilizing the databases of the National Health System (SNDS) for various pharmaco-epidemiology research projects.

Stéphanie Polazzi

Stéphanie Polazzi

Stéphanie Polazzi is a data analyst within the health data department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Aubane L'Hospital

Aubane L'Hospital has been a data analyst within the health data department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon since 2021 and joined the IMPULSE team in 2023. She primarily works on data extraction from the national databases of the SNDS for various pharmaco-epidemiology research projects.


Cécile Payet

Cécile Payet is a statistician in the health data department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon and holds a doctorate in Epidemiology (2020). She mainly works on the analysis of large local (HCL) and national (PMSI and SNDS) databases for health services research studies.

Annaëlle Testud

Annaëlle Testud is a biostatistician within the IMPULSE team. She primarily works on SNDS data. She holds a degree in Applied Mathematics and Modeling.

PhD students

Julie Rigoureau

Julie Rigoureau est titulaire d’un master de Coordination des trajectoires de santé de la Faculté d’Ingénierie et de Management de la Santé de Lille. Elle a travaillé deux ans à l’ARS Hauts-de-France sur la mise en place d’une filière endométriose puis un an en tant que cheffe de projet au sein de l’URPS MK ARA. 

Julie Rigoureau réalise une thèse sur la méthodologie et la faisabilité d’impliquer des patients dans les études de pharmaco-épidémiologie sur bases de données, sous la direction du Dr Marie Viprey.

Elia Eid

Elia Eid est Pharmacien Clinicienne titulaire d’un Master en Santé Publique de l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 et doctorante en épidémiologie et santé publique.

Elle réalise actuellement une thèse sur l’étude de l’utilisation des produits de santé à partir de bases de données médico-administratives, chez les patients atteints de maladies chroniques, en particulier la mucoviscidose, avec un volet méthodologique impliquant une collaboration internationale. La thèse est sous la supervision du Pr Isabelle DURIEU ainsi que du Dr Quitterie REYNAUD et du Dr Marie VIPREY.